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Independent choice of recorded channels for different alarm inputs. Possibility of defining parameters of RS port: symbol rate, data, stop, and parity bits, flow control.

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The DVR can actively obtain or passively receive the credit card number from the machine linked through the network or serial port. The number can be mixed with live video, recorded and played back. Easy operation thanks to user-friendly graphic interface, including mouse pointer.

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There can be installed up to 4 such disks total capacity of 8 TB!. Simple, intuitive mouse-navigated menu in English or Polish. Precise motion detection.


Possibility of defining channels that are to be recorded after triggering alarm in a camera path - unique function that eliminates waste of disc space typical for the majority of DVRs which trigger recording of all channels. Possibility of setting day schedule for alarms caused by: loss of video signal, motion detection in a defined area.

Possibility of sound or OSD warnings about alarm situations. After an alarm has been triggered sensor alarm, video motion detection etc.

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The software will display the information in client log and make warning sound. DVRs of series do home work dvr support Dual Stream function transmission of two streams with independently determined parameters.

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